Booklists I have made:

Advanced Readers --books for kids whose reading level is above their age group
Baby Books - books that are great for babies
Blind -- Books featuring blind characters or themes
Books of Compassion- books that address karma, kindness, compassion, mindfulness and gratitude
Culinary Books - books that have recipes or cookbooks based on literature
Dancing Books for Boys
Diversity - books that feature diverse characters where their diversity is not the issue in the book
Dyslexia - books that feature a character who is dyslexic
Father as a Central Figure -- books where the dad is the primary caregiver
Historical Fiction
Kinship Care -- books about kids living with relatives other than parents, also non-fiction titles
New Siblings -- books for kids who are expecting a new sibling
Non-Fiction Picture Books
Princess Alternative books - strong princesses, not disney and books w/ empowering girl characters
Read Alouds
Rhythm Books - picture books that promote phonological awareness through rhythm
Secular Religious Books -- books on religion for parents who aren't religious
Separation -- books that deal with a parent being gone for a while
Strong Females -- books for a girl dealing with difficult family issues
Tearjerkers -- books that make you cry