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Head Boyd Legs by Won-ldy Paye
Hello Toes, Hello Feet by Ann Paul
Here are My Hands by Bill Martin Jr

Songs & Fingerplays:
Twiddle Your Thumbs
(suit actions to words)
Twiddle your thumbs, clap your hands
And then you touch your feet
Shake your hands, then raise them high
And make your fingers meet
Point to the left, point to the right
And give another clap
Wave your hands, then fold your hands
And put them in your lap

Clap your hands
[tune: Row, row, row your boat]
Clap, clap, clap your hands
Clap them all around.
Clap them loud, then clap them soft
Now don't make a sound.

Stamp, stamp, stamp your feet,
Stamp them all around.
Stamp them loud, then stamp them soft,
Now don't make a sound.

Hokey Pokey