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Birds by Kevin Henkes
Chicken Little by Ed Emberley
Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend
Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley
7 Hungry Babies by Candace Fleming
Songs & Fingerplays:

2 Little Blackbirds
Two little blackbirds sitting on a
One named _
The other named
Fly away
Fly away
Come again _
Come again _
Hill:Jack and Jill
Snow: Fast and Slow
Cloud: Quiet and Loud

5 Little Ducks
Stretch, Stretch
Stretch, stretch away up high (reach arms up)
On your tiptoes, reach the sky. (stand on tiptoes)
See the bluebirds flying high. (wave hands)
Now bend down and touch your toes. (bend and touch toes)
Now sway as the North Wind blows. (sway body back and forth)
Waddle as the gander goes! (walk and waddle)

Baby Birds

Up in the sky, baby birds fly (flap arms)

Down in their nest, baby birds rest (cup hands)

With a wing on the left (flap left arm)

And a wing on the right (flap right arm)

Tired baby birds sleep all night (rock arms like rocking a baby)

  • Little chicks: cut out circles, fold in half, decorate like a little bird -- rock back and forth