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Bats Around the Clock by Kathy Apelt
Bat Jamboree by Kathy Apelt
Baby Bat’s Lullaby by Julia Noonan
Bats in the Library! by Brian Lies
Owl Babies by Martin Waddell
Whooo Goes There? by Jennifer Ericsson
Songs & Fingerplays:

Bats are Sleeping (tune of Frere Jaques)
Bats are sleeping (x2)
Upside down (x2)
Waiting for the night to come (x2)
When they fly all around (x2)

Bats are Neat
Flying flying in the sky
Bats are neat, I’ll tell you why
Flying foxes are the tallest
Bumblebee bats are the smallest
Bats are yellow, red and brown
Bats sleep hanging upside down
Some eat bugs and some eat fruit
Some look mean and some look cute
Flying, flying in the sky
Bats are neat, now you know why!

Baby Bat
The baby bat
Screamed out in fright,
“Turn on the dark!
I’m afraid of the light!”

Bat Song w/ balloon
When bats talk they go “Squeak!” (rub balloon)
That’s just the way they speak
Still they give me a chill,
I guess they always will.
That’s why I say,
“Bat! Fly away!” (let go of balloon)
The Owl
There’s a wide-eyed owl (circle fingers around eyes)
With a pointed nose (point to nose)
Two pointed ears (point to ears)
And claws for toes (bend fingers like claws)
When he sits up in the tree (point up)
And he looks at you (circle fingers around eyes)
He flaps his wings (flap arms)
And says Whoo! Whoo!
  • Bat finger puppets

Talked about how bats and owls are the same, meaning of "nocturnal" and what bats and owls sound like.