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Where Do Balloons Go? by Jaime Lee Curtis
The Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen
Balloons, Balloons, Balloons by Dee Lillegard
The Day Ray Got Away by Angela Johnson

Songs & Fingerplays:

Balloon Song
(Child's name) had a (color) balloon
So (s)he blew and blew, (Put fist up to mouth and make blowing sound three times),
'Til it got so big and fat and grew and grew and grew
(do hand motion to look like balloon is growing).
(Child's name) kept it in the air, Never let it drop,
Until one day it hit the ground and suddenly went POP!
This is the way we blow up our balloon (cup hands near mouth)
Blow! Blow! Blow! (move hands apart, showing a growing balloon, while blowing)
This is the way we break our balloon.
Oh, oh, no! (move hands in and clap real hard at "no" )

Here I have a new balloon
Here I have a new balloon (pretend to stretch it)
Watch me while I blow (blow into fingers)
Small, at first, Now, bigger (keep blowing)
See it grow, and grow, (keep blowing)
Do you think it's big enough?
Maybe I should stop,
For if I give another blow (another blow)
The balloon will surely POP! (another blow & clap hands)

  • Paper balloon shape w/ foam letters and string